About Taginstant.com

As Taginstant.com, we try to provide an easy way to browse different social media platform. We use only public data and respect privacy of social media user. We are not affiliated or sponsored by any social media platform.

How could we gather Data?

Our content spiders scan many different social media platforms and blogs to gather images, videos, posts. We try to create a tagged base social media search engine. We are sorry, if bother you. But we just want you to know, we've just gather publicly accessible contents and we have respect right to remove possessed content. Please read below to learn how to create a remove request of profiles or contents from our database.

How could you remove your content?

Taginstant.com only show public data from various social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Vine etc.
If you want to remove your images, videos completely from internet(not just taginstant.com, also other web viewers and search engines like google), please open related app(Instagram, Vine, Pinterest which contains your content to be removed) and set your profile private, not accesible by third party apps and search engines.
If you want to remove only taginstant.com, please click "Contact". Write your email adress, select "Remove Request" as Subject and Write your message. Please include your User Name and which social media platform you want to remove.

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